What is urban photography?

What is Urban photography? This question may seem rhetorical. After all, what is photography, really? To answer, one must know what “the city” is.

Urban photography has grown in popularity quite substantially over the last decade. In its most basic form, urban photography is simply the documentation of the urban environment. The typical urban setting tends to pertain specifically to metropolitan cities with an extensive network of streets, buildings, avenues, sky scrapers and public spaces which support human activity. A great way to describe what is urban photography would be to compare it to fine art photography.

For instance, you may have seen some Instagram photos taken by amateurs. These instagrams are beautiful, bold and revealing. They offer a glimpse into the lives of young people who are just starting to explore themselves through their photography. The shots were captured on Instagram from private quarters without the interference of professional photographers. These images show a side of urban landscape not often seen in everyday photography.

A good example of an Instagram photo with interesting subject matter and compelling lighting is the image of a man walking on a bridge under bright light. This was posted by Instagram user @adamshane while he was traveling in New York. As you can see, the light source is off to the left. This means the man is facing directly ahead. He therefore needs to adjust his pose to position himself appropriately so that he is illuminated at the right angle when he takes the shot. If his hands are left behind in the bottom left corner of the frame, then the light source will be over his head which negates the purpose of the shot.

Another useful tip for what is Urban photography is to take photographs of cities or landscapes. The advantage of this tip is that it can be used even if you are outside the city. For instance, if you are taking a photograph of the landscape outside your window, then you can simply use the tip to position yourself accordingly. If you are outside taking your photograph, then try to position yourself to catch the exactitudes of the landmark you are aiming at.

The third tip is to focus on geometrical figures. Many people are surprised to see that what is Urban photography really all about is objects and their lines. Geometrical figures such as buildings and skyscrapers are very important parts of capturing the essence of a city. It is these figures that allow you to place your subject in the frame of your photograph.

The last but certainly not the least important tip for what is urban photography is to have good lighting and camera gear. In fact, what is Urban photography without light and camera gear? Really, what is Urban photography without light and camera gear is a photograph devoid of any discernable form or detail. As with most photography, good light and camera gear are not particularly expensive. In fact, what is really important is how you position and hold your camera.

Finally, what is truly impressive about what is urban photography is that many would-be professional photographers do not really understand the technical aspects of photography – especially when it comes to lens selection. If you want to truly impress your viewer, you should select your lens carefully. A good lens will help make your subject look much larger in the photograph. Furthermore, a lens that suits your photographer’s style should be used. It is impossible to please all photographers, but by selecting your lens and camera gear appropriately, you should be able to capture some really stunning images.